The Very Normal Mummy

A little bit more about me. I’m married and have 2 little boys (currently age 3 and 7 months). When I’m not on maternity leave I work part time and the boys attend nursery 3 days a week. I have had both prenatal and post natal depression. I’ve always enjoyed reading other people’s “parenting tales” as it helped me realise it’s hard work and to be fair I’m probably pretty normal.

Things that make me the very normal mummy

  • I think my kids are awesome
  • I live on (cold) coffee
  • I always have an audience when using the bathroom
  • I hang the kids “artwork” and “certificates” on my kitchen cupboards
  • I blame most things on baby brain
  • Mr Tumble has taught me a Makaton
  • You name a baby group, I’ve probably tried it
  • I eat way too much cake
  • I bribe my toddler with chocolate
  • My toddler is far to adept at using an iPad
  • I feel guilty about just how much telly I let my children watch
  • I am instructed by a toddler to dance round like a loon to the Paw Patrol theme tune
  • I attempt to tidy my house before friends come round
  • Most parenting decisions worry me
  • I would love a complete day off from being mummy every now and again

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