Hat’s Off to the Single Parents

I’m not a single mummy, never have been and hope never to be. I really don’t know how single parents do it and keep themselves together.

My only experience of having to survive without the support of a partner was when my husband went away for 7.5 months whilst I was pregnant with number 2. It was tough, but I knew he’d be home at some point. He’s currently working away in the week, but usually home at the weekends. It’s not the same as doing it alone 24/7. I long for the weekends when I know I can collapse into a heap in the corner and someone else can change the nappies, do the cooking, deal with the tears and tantrums. I know that at some point I can have “time out” from it all.

I was quite perturbed when my husband rang in the week to say that he now won’t be home this weekend. ITS MOTHERING SUNDAY! This is not fair, my first Mother’s Day with 2 and I will still have to make my own breakfast. I’m tempted to get the toddler to make me breakfast, he could do cereal or toast. But I’m not sure I want to have to deal with the aftermath of kitchen mess once he’s done.

Then I really thought about it. What if this was my life, all the time. For some people it is. My own mother became a single parent, being entirely responsible for an 8, 6 and 1 year old. Just her, and us, apart from a few hours on a Saturday. Having my own children now, I can only just comprehend how awesome she is and the fact all 4 of us made it out the other side in one piece.

It’s currently Friday evening. Normally, I would be bossing my other half around and would certainly have him cooking dinner. Instead the house is a state, I haven’t eaten and I have a large glass of red in my hand. I can have my Mother’s Day another time. But there are some people who won’t get it. So I’m going stop feeling sorry for myself. Instead I salute all the single parents out there (however you came to be one) and hope that when your children grow up they will realise how much effort you put in.


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