Today I Felt Like Super Mum

Some days I feel like super mum (there are many others that I don’t). This isn’t me bragging, this is me recovering.

Part of my treatment for my depression was cognitive behavioural therapy (more about that another time). But part of the issue identified by my therapist was a lack of self compassion and low self esteem. It was hard to pin point when that had really begun. I don’t think I ever realised quite how bad it had become until he asked me the question “What do you like about yourself?” I just burst into tears, I couldn’t think of one thing.

I was perfect capable of being compassionate to other people and offering normal/sensible advice to those people. But I was unable to give myself that advice. If I was struggling, I saw it as failing. It was MY fault this situation had occurred. I was too hard on myself and as a result to try and compensate and make myself feel better for “failing”, I would try to do more. This is never going to end well, an endless cycle of trying harder and harder, putting more and more pressure on myself until eventually I cracked.

Now I realise that to be kind to yourself and promote your positive points isn’t bragging. Yes, I still very much believe in modesty, however you need to understand your positive qualities. If I was asked the same question now, I could come up with various things.

Anyway, today was a good day. I achieved so much more than I expected. I even managed to bake a vegetable loaf. That isn’t what makes me super mum. What makes me super mum is that despite the bad days, I’m still here, surviving, doing the best I can. I no longer look at the bad days as failed days. I look for the little achievements in the day. I’m not celebrating the mundane (like managing to get dressed), I’m learning that the things I do are good enough.

So for the parents out there, you’re doing fine. Even if you didn’t manage to get dressed today, we’ve all been there.


Baby’s 7 Day Guide to Antibiotic Administration

So my baby fox recently had an ear infection. Cue the need for antibiotics, 3 times a day for 7 days. These little things are wily, here is how the next 7 days went….

Day 1 – Oooooo what is that thing you have in your hand, of course you can put it in my mouth.

Day 2 РOoooo what is that thing you have in your hand, hang on I remember this. Note to self be more prepared  for tomorrow.

Day 3 – I remember that syringe, I’m keeping my mouth tightly shut. Except when I scream to let everyone know what you’re up too.

Day 4 – Same as yesterday, need a new strategy.

Day 5 – Overnight I have perfected the mouth clamped shut, whilst still able to scream. Have fun today.

Day 6 – Of course I’ll be a good boy and take my medicine. Haha, I’ve learnt to spit it right back out, this is a much better plan.

Day 7 – Guess what, I’ve learnt to crawl, quite fast. Catch me if you can!