Baby’s 7 Day Guide to Antibiotic Administration

So my baby fox recently had an ear infection. Cue the need for antibiotics, 3 times a day for 7 days. These little things are wily, here is how the next 7 days went….

Day 1 – Oooooo what is that thing you have in your hand, of course you can put it in my mouth.

Day 2 РOoooo what is that thing you have in your hand, hang on I remember this. Note to self be more prepared  for tomorrow.

Day 3 – I remember that syringe, I’m keeping my mouth tightly shut. Except when I scream to let everyone know what you’re up too.

Day 4 – Same as yesterday, need a new strategy.

Day 5 – Overnight I have perfected the mouth clamped shut, whilst still able to scream. Have fun today.

Day 6 – Of course I’ll be a good boy and take my medicine. Haha, I’ve learnt to spit it right back out, this is a much better plan.

Day 7 – Guess what, I’ve learnt to crawl, quite fast. Catch me if you can!